Yoga & Yoga Therapy

DSC_0041What to expect?

Elisse focuses on connecting students to their bodies and minds as they practice a moving meditation. In class, she supports students in experiencing the transformations of yoga. Breath is the key to life and to the yoga practice. Breath creates a feeling of wellbeing. In vinyasa practice, we thread poses accompanied by the breath into a dance, the body gets in shape and the movement becomes healing. It is only with a strong, pliable body that we learn to happily sit and be.

Elisse works to spread the experience of yoga with everyone. Young and old can benefit from the healing of yoga. Elisse teaches classes to children, families, teens and adults in a variety of public, corporate and private settings.


Tips for getting started – New to Yoga

Yoga is a practice for everyone. It is not just for the flexible. If you want to increase your flexibility and stability, get strong, learn to deal with your stress, focus your mind and learn to sleep better then yoga is for you. It may be intimidating as a beginner to start but even after an hour you will most likely feel the effects of the practice. Once you begin to familiarize yourself with the poses then you can work on connecting breath to movement and feel this amazing moving meditation.


Yoga Therapy

Elisse has developed an eight-week program in which she teaches specific poses, breath work, meditations and cognitive behaviour therapy techniques to manage symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. The goal is to provide multiple tools to manage thoughts and to move towards self-regulation and a greater sense of control over one’s life.