What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy aims to alleviate mental suffering through conversation with a therapist. Talk therapy helps clients identify feelings and ways of thinking so they become better able to cope with difficult situations. Anchored in a trusting relationship between the client and the therapist, treatment can continue for several months to years. It is practiced on a one on one basis, in pairs, in families or in groups. Generally sessions occur weekly or bi-weekly and last for one hour.

Talk therapy can help clients connect with themselves to discover their true path. Elisse aims to treat the source of client’s suffering through a variety of therapeutic techniques. Elisse works with a holistic approach to treatment based on the belief that all systems of the body and mind operate together to create and sustain health.

What to expect

In the initial session, Elisse takes a thorough family and mental health history to identify specific goals for therapy. Treatment is based on this assessment and consists of dialoging about issues. An overarching focus of the work is to create a deeper understanding and acceptance of the self.

It is important to find the right client-therapist ‘fit’. This unique relationship is unlike your family or friends because the relationship is fully focused on you; the practitioner has no agenda and no judgment. This unique relationship provides support for deep emotional healing, a mind/body approach to resolving life dilemmas and ultimately a harness for personal transformation.